"My passion is to write about events that happen in life and change everything for those involved as well as those caught up in the maelstrom. I want my characters to sit at your side, steal your attention and sweep you up in their story. Stories that will bring tears to your eyes, have you laughing out loud and sometimes, what they share with you, will stay  in your hearts for a very long time."

You can listen to ME and Mark Anderson, Head of Red Balloon, Norwich, talking about Tormentors on Radio Three Counties 

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My Latest Story - Tormentors

Tormentors is just 12,000 words, but what happens in those words will open your eyes and break your heart to how crushing bullying is.

Royalties will go to charity, Red Balloon, Drayton Road, Norwich. However, it is not just about raising funds, it is to help create as greater awareness about the evilness of bullying and its consequences. Bullying can be life changing or worse; life ending.


 Dillan Mortimer, a happy intelligent thirteen-year-old,

 suddenly finds his life is about to change when a new boy,

 Connor Brooks, joins their class.

 Connor instantly befriends Dillan’s classmate,

 Bradley Jenkins. What follows will change Dillan’s life forever.

Kindle price – Amazon UK is £1.80

Paperback – Amazon UK is £4.99

All royalties will go to Red Balloon, Drayton Rd, Norwich

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My Cosy Mystery Series


If you haven’t yet read Serendipity or Past Secrets & Lies – A Gardner & Chattaway cosy mystery, then you can download a taster for free!

In this download, you can read the first 5 chapters from Serendipity and the first 7 from Past Secrets & Lies.

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